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Technology Solutions for small business

From web site design and hosting, networking, cloud computing, phone systems, cyber security and more.


Web Design

Results driven strategies are used to create attractive, responsive and secure web sites that will drive traffic and engage your audience.


I utilize many different options, depending on the requirements of the site. Your site will always be hosted on the platform that offers the best performance, typically for just a few dollars a month.

Managed IT Services

Regular maintenance and monitoring of your systems results in less downtime, better security, and reliable performance. Contact me for a breakdown on what features I can provide.

Wireless Networks

I specialize in long distance and outdoor wireless networks. If you have a property, facility or an outdoor event that needs wireless network coverage, I can build a network to meet your requirements.


AWS certified with 5+ years of experience with Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and other cloud platforms. Expert in migrations, virtual networking, application deployments and more.

Phone Systems

3CX partner, offering a complete communications solution with disruptive pricing for businesses of all sizes. Save up to 80% on your phone bill by switching from your legacy PBX or voice service provider


It depends on the scope and complexity of the project.  For a relatively simple one page site, it can be very inexpensive.  If you need a customized site with enhanced features, that will add to the time needed to complete the project and therefore the cost. Contact me for more details.

I’ve worked in a large variety of industries – marketing, financial services, law, real estate, accounting, healthcare and hospitality just to name a few. Businesses such as restaurants, professional offices, retail, non-profit, municipal; any organization that has a need, I am happy to work with.

I work from a home office in Gearhart, Oregon. I am a member of both the Seaside, OR and Astoria-Warrenton chambers of commerce. My focus is on serving the local communities in the region, but can also work with remote clients on certain types of projects.

Dedicated hosting adds overhead for me, and therefore cost to you. Because of that, it doesn’t make sense for me to do that. Depending on client preference, I can either recommended a hosting platform based on site requirements or I can also manage hosting for a client’s site. The requirements of the site determine where I would choose or recommend to host.

I offer a wide range of IT services, with two decades of experience along with industry certification in system engineering, networking, security, and cloud platforms.  I’m well versed in point of sale systems, video security systems, wireless networking, virtualization,  and more.

If your business needs include ongoing maintenance and management of your IT assets, I can offer long term contracted services that will cover those needs.  From server management, patch/security maintenance, backup and disaster recovery, networking and more, I can offer customized packages that can include blocks of included support hours on top of included maintenance. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request more details.

I partner with 3CX to provide fully featured IP phone services at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems. 3CX is easy to install and manage, and scales from the smallest businesses to the largest corporations. I can create a fully functional phone system integrated with cost effective SIP trunk service, and even port over your existing phone number from your current voice service carrier.

My hourly rates start at $40/hr.  Rates go up for after hours/weekends/holidays (if available) and for travel beyond 25 miles.


About Me

A native Floridian, I moved to the Oregon coast with my wife, two dogs and cat in 2018. We enjoy hiking, travel, visiting national parks, bird watching, and cooking in our free time. 

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