Managed Wireless

Whether you're running a business or working from home, having a reliable and secure wireless network is critical for to maintain productivity and provide the service you and your customers demand.

It's vital to have a complete understanding of all of the components of your Wi-Fi network to achieve these goals.

And that's what Norcoast Solutions provides. We examine every factor of an environment when building out or upgrading wireless networks.

The physical environment of any wireless signal is almost always the primary factor in its performance - ultimately the strength of the signal when it reaches a connected device, like a laptop or mobile device. Building/wall composition, trees, electromagnetic interference, weather, and other wireless signals are all things that need to be measured and weighed when building a wireless network. We understand and know how to work around or mitigate such factors.
The hardware that is used to broadcast a wireless signal is also a key factor. Nearly any access point, either consumer or business grade, can be relatively easy to deploy and provide some level of service and signal for a wireless network. What is more often than not ignored or not understood, is how this "out of the box" configuration is quite nearly not optimized for the environment that it is deployed in. Understanding wireless signal channels and spectrum characteristics is necessary to make and test the changes needed to maximize performance.
When it comes to securing your wireless network, it is critical to have a deep knowledge and experience with the underlying standards and protocols that are used in any network. Understanding how the digital 1s and 0s that traverse a network is paramount to being able to properly secure a network. Our experience in network security dates back to a time when current wireless standards and protocols barely even existed.